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I just started using lessCSS and I think its great, but I would prefer to run it server side. I've read that node.js is the best way to do this, but I have never used it before and honestly have no idea how to set it up.

So how can I setup node.js on my server / site, and make it precompile my .less file(s)?

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Look at express. It allows you to select a CSS compiler.

It's also a good library for handling routing and middleware for a website.

express --css less should set up your less compiler.

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Thank you @Raynos, but I´ve been reading the guide and have no clue about where to start. As I said, I have never used node.js before and I would need a bit of help in setting up the server for it... – agente_secreto Apr 14 '11 at 12:32
@0al0 are you actually running your website from node or are you using node only as a LESS compiler? Try the OSX app – Raynos Apr 14 '11 at 12:49
I am not running my website from node. It is a php website, but i've read that the php precompiler is much slower than the js, so I was looking into using the node version. Now I am realising that maybe it is a bit overkill to use node.js just for compiling lessCSS... The OSX looks good, but i dont really get the point of it... – agente_secreto Apr 14 '11 at 13:06
@0al0 the OSX app compiles your less to .css. You only need to compile it when you change your less source code. You don't need to compile it every time your php application asks for the css. It's a compile once thing, not a dynamic thing. – Raynos Apr 14 '11 at 13:11

I wrote a blog post about how to do this. When you try to load styles.css you get the styles.less file compiled on the fly Sorry page was moved to here.

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