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I have some h:inpuText fields to hold numbers. All decimal values are shown with "." as delimiter, although I have the following entry in faces-config.xml:


and the call


returns "de".

However, if I add an <f:convertNumber/> to my h:inputText the correct decimal delimiter is shown (e.g. 6,2 instead of 6.2).

Do I have to add the f:convertNumber to all of my input fields or is there a way without?

Thanks for your help!

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The default format is the toString format for the floating point number.

Consider the bean property foo:

public class MyBean implements Serializable {
  private double foo;
  public double getFoo() { return foo; }
  public void setFoo(double foo) { this.foo = foo; }

inputText doesn't have any direct support for number types; it will be given an object (java.lang.Double) and call toString on it on output. On a form submit, the browser sends a String and the Expression Language coerces it back to a double as per its rules for type coercion (see the EL spec).

For more complex logic, a converter is required. This is a powerful model, as you can convert to/from any type without requiring the input/output control to support the conversion.

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Ok, thank you. I always thought that a numberConverter is automatically used for inputText fields with value="#{bean.someNumberType}" – Matt Handy Apr 14 '11 at 9:48

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