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my gtags verion is gtags - GNU GLOBAL 5.9.2

I downloaded a python plug-in for Gnu Global here

copy the globalrc.example to ~/.globalrc

copy the script/python_global_tags.py to ~/bin/python_global_tags.py which is in my $PATH

type: "gtags" in a directory of python files

no complain

type: "global -f test.py"

no output

but "global -g" works, I wander if it is just a wrapper of grep

My Question is:

  • Is it even possible to write a plugin in python itself?
  • Is there a tutorial for configuring the ~/.globalrc, tutoials in offical site mention so little about that.

Thanks a lot,

gnu global is rising, but still supports so few languages btw

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apparently this question was also posted on the help-global mailing list, and it received one answer there. Here's the link for anyone interested: lists.gnu.org/archive/html/help-global/2011-04/msg00001.html –  mgalgs Feb 22 '12 at 7:10

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From what I understand, GNU Global doesn't support Python yet. The homepage says:

support C, C++, Yacc, Java, PHP4 and assembly. (definition and reference)

And this post basically says we would need to write a plugin in C. Since global is not supported, I reverted back to the good old Exuberant Ctags:

ctags -e -R .

Works well, but you don't get backreferences. See also this other question about etags.

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