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If I have a ajax call:

  url: url,
  dataType: 'json',
  data: data,
  success: function(json_data){
    //What's the efficient way to extract the JSON data and get the value

Server returned to my js the following JSON data

            Hua Street"},{"city":"Shanghai","street":"Dong Quan
            Street"}],"id":"huangyim","name":"Huang Yi Ming"}]}

In my jQuery AJAX success callback function, how to extract the value of "name", value of "address" (which is a list of object) elegantly?

I am not experienced with jQuery and JSON data handling in javascript. So, I would like to ask some suggestions on how to handle this data efficiently. Thanks.

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A JSON string gets parsed into a JavaScript object/array. So you can access the values like you access any object property, array element:

var name = json_data.contact[0].name;
var addresses = json_data.contact[0].address;

Do access the values inside each address, you can iterate over the array:

for(var i = addresses.length; i--;) {
    var address = addresses[i];
    // address.city
    // address.street
    // etc

If you have not so much experience with JavaScript, I suggest to read this guide.

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