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I am a registered iPhone developer ($99 thing) and I've been developing application that I tested using development certificate and that I sent to AppStore (pending) with my distribution certificate...

Now, I would like to test my app on whichever jailBreaked phone. I read about deploying the apps from xCode to Jailbraked phones by creating custom certificate, connecting that phone to the machine and compiling directly for it through xCode.

Is there a (short) way of just taking my .app file compiled for any device, simulator or the one created for deploying to App store and putting then through Cydia to the phone?

Thanks a lot, Luka

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- Create your own certificate (Keychain
- Add it to the project
- Build app for release
- Create Cydia repository, check:
- Upload to server
- Add repository to iPhone
- Install application

Apps compiled for the simulator do not work on the device, different architecture.

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The application created for deployment trough the AppStore can also be deployed trough Cydia. – Anne Apr 14 '11 at 12:42
Thanks, Anne! I'll give it a try... Your comment is more valuable to me than your answer :p You're getting the vote up, though – luigi7up Apr 15 '11 at 12:38

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