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when i try to load my Linux kernel module i get an error about an undefined symbol (obviously i get a warning during make). In particular i need to use the macro pgd_offset_k in my module (defined in asm/pgtable.h). This is expanded in pgd_offset(&init_mm, (address)). The undefined symbol is init_mm. I have also verified its presence in /proc/kallsyms:

$ cat /proc/kallsyms |grep -w init_mm

c07d49a0 D init_mm

Any ideas?

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init_mm is not exported past 2.6.29, on the basis that no out-of-tree code should be using it. Can you not do without pgd_offset_k?

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Maybe there is a way but i don't know it...i'm trying to do some experiments about virtual -> physical address particular i would convert an address returned from an ioremap call in the physical address...this convertion should give me the address passed to ioremap (i hope :)). How can i perform this convertion without pgd_offset_k? I think i can't use virt_to_phys because that address is not a logical address right? –  MirkoBanchi Apr 14 '11 at 12:02

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