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I'm trying to add the results of a script to an array, but once I look into it there is only one item in it, probably me being silly with placement

function crawl_page($url, $depth)
    static $seen = array();
    $Linklist = array();

    if (isset($seen[$url]) || $depth === 0) {
    $seen[$url] = true;

    $dom = new DOMDocument('1.0');

    $anchors = $dom->getElementsByTagName('a');
    foreach ($anchors as $element) {
        $href = $element->getAttribute('href');
        if (0 !== strpos($href, 'http')) {
            $href = rtrim($url, '/') . '/' . ltrim($href, '/');
          crawl_page($href, $depth - 1);

    echo "URL:",$url;
    echo http_response($url);
    echo  "<br/>";
    $Linklist[] = $url;

    $XML = new DOMDocument('1.0');
    $XML->formatOutput = true;

    $root = $XML->createElement('Links');
    $root = $XML->appendChild($root);

    foreach ($Linklist as $value)
        $child = $XML->createElement('Linkdetails');
        $child = $root->appendChild($child);

        $text = $XML->createTextNode($value);
        $text = $child->appendChild($text);
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Where are you adding something to an array? Please explain in more detail what goes wrong. Where does the expected result differ from the actual result? – Pekka 웃 Apr 14 '11 at 11:14
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$Linklist[] = $url; will add a single item to the $Linklist array. This line needs to be in a loop I think.

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static $Linklist = array(); i think, but code is awful

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