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Hi i am using apache tomcat. i have a jsp file for entering user name and password and a java bean for authentication. after user have been authenticated i create a session variable with the user name and another by the name of "authenticated" with the value true. i want to allow file download only after the session variable "authentication" == true; i also want to do some processing before the download (registering the user name who downloaded..)

the problem: lets say i have the file "download.bin" inside directory "/downloads" so anyone who go directly to url "downloads/download.bin" will get the file.

1.can i prevent direct download of the file 2. enable the file download only after session authentication.


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You can prevent the file from being directly downloaded. One common way to do that would be to put your /downloads folder inside of the WEB-INF. Create a servlet which checks your authentication flag and then sends the file to the user. A users request may look something like the following:


Since content inside the WEB-INF is not available publicly, you can hide your files there.

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