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Here's a question for those interested in statistics, or have experience on A/B testing.

I'm working as a PM for a fashion e-commerce site where we want to carry out an A/B test across thousands of product pages. 50% of visitors should see the original button, whilst the remaining 50% should see a bigger button.

We have been using a small testing company which offers a great tool, but we are unsure of the statistical validity of this kind of test. Basically we have made a change to the button of only a pixel or two, and it's straight away showing completely different conversion rates to original button. We have had around 4,000 views per button so far.

Am unsure if it is indeed possible to run an A/B test across thousands of product pages, when in reality so many things can affect the conversion rate (the sizes available on the product pages, the desirability of the item)? Is it the nature of the beast?



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Sounds like you need this link:


It requires knowledge of stats, obviously. All code examples there are in perl and Javascript.

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