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I'm new to mobile development and am a little confused. I've downloaded and installed the Android Eclipse plugin and the JDK.

I want to develop Android tablet apps as well as Android phone apps.

Can I do this with the same plugin? That is to say is development for both devices done through the same Eclipse IDE or do I need something else?

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Yes, development for both devices is done through the eclipse IDE.

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You will also have to install the SDK Starter Package. Once this is installed from Android SDK and AVD Manager you will be able to install the platforms you require (in your case SDK 11 for tablet development). See Step 4 on this page.

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When you create a new android project in Eclipse you select the version of the SDK you want to develop for. All you have to do is select a version supported by the tablet you want to develop your application for.

Because of the way android works, an application is not developed either for a phone or a tablet, but simply for android. An application written for Andriod 2.2 will for instance run on the Galaxy Tab, with to changes.

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uvesten is right. If you want to start programming Android, here is what you need to see Where to start to learn Android?

ohh you changed the question title and its description. my answer is not at all true now.

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