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i had a problem with jquery post api..

   $(".MGdi").click(function () { 
      $.post( 'Mdeger.asp?cmd=MG', { id: id, drm: $(this).html()} ,
      function( data ) {
          var $response=$(data);
               var snc = $response.find('#snc').html();

An other way..

$(".Pasif").click(function () { 
  $.post( 'Mdeger.asp?cmd=Pasif', { id: id, drm: $(this).html()} ,
  function( data ) {

every thing okey by server side but client side success function do nothing.. even basic codes like alert("hoho");

success not trigering..

sory for my awful english.

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I could not find any solution, but if you have any problem like this i suggest to use jax :) –  Yetkin EREN Apr 15 '11 at 15:20
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2 Answers

this usually happens when respond couldn't be parsed. you should check the respond using firebug or similar debugging tool.

especially the methods that expects json data, strictly validates the respond and if there is anything invalid it just does nothing, no-error, no-warning, no-exception.

when your callback function doesn't run, you should suspect that your respond isn't correct.

// Türkçe özet

uzun lafın kısası dönüş değerinde bir terslik varsa dönüş fonksiyonu çalışmayacaktır. sunucudan gelen değerleri iyice kontrol etmekte fayda var. jquery dönüş değerinde veya dönüş fonksiyonunda bir hata olursa seni uyarmadan işi sonlandırıyor.

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I had this problem as well. It turns out I was making an AJAX call to the same domain, but on a different port, which is not allowed (for security reasons) in Javascript.

See this relevant question for more info:

How do I send an AJAX request on a different port with jQuery?

I was very surprised that the AJAX call would POST/GET to the server, (which I was able to verify by looking at the server log) but that the response was never read. I would have thought that both sending and receiving would be disallowed.

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