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I'm using primefaces 2.2.1 and I'm experiencing an issue with the p:slider component. I get a Syntax error on the line below (see source). Thats all IE gives me. Any ideas?


<h:form id="dreamEditFrm">
   <h:inputHidden id="cost" value="#{dreamModifyBean.selectedDream.cost}" />
   <p:slider for="cost" minValue="1" maxValue="5"/>


  <input id="dreamEditFrm:costTxt" type="text" name="dreamEditFrm:costTxt" />
         <div id="dreamEditFrm:j_idt149"></div>
         <script type="text/javascript">widget_dreamEditFrm_j_idt149 = new PrimeFaces.widget.Slider('dreamEditFrm:j_idt149', {value:,input:'dreamEditFrm:costTxt',min:1,max:5,animate:true,step:1,orientation:'horizontal'});       </script>
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The problem is this part of the html output:


It seems that the value attribute can't get connected to the slider. Maybe your el expression does not resolve correctly (although there should be other error messages).

Is cost displayed if you use h:inputText or h:outputText?

Did you try other browsers?

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