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I know this question has been posted several times here but still its not very clear. Is there a free tool to convert mysql database to sqlite3 database?

If I export the mysql db to xml format, is it possible to read it and create sqlite database in android activity code? If this is possible, I will just add the xml to my assets folder and parse it on activity start.

Also my android application would need to update the database regularly from the server which has mysql database. How should i update the database at application run time? Should the server return database in xml or json?

Regards, Sapan

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ya,it have to get response from server in the form of xml or json for sure,,,, –  Ganapathy Apr 14 '11 at 12:10

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There is a handful of tools referenced on the SQLite site

I use my own (g|m)awk script to do the job from here

Recently did the same but in Lua this time

In both cases you will need the mysqldump utility from MySQL.

Lua is surprisingly faster than GNU or traditional awk. Only mawk beats Lua for large mysql dump files.

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I have finally used the script mentioned in this link and it worked perfectly for me


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