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I already have all the gems, and each time I do

rails trytry02
cd trytry02
bundle install

to create the Gemfile.lock, it takes a long time to fetch data from But I noticed that if I do a

rails g scaffold foo name:string

before doing the bundle install, then the Gemfile.lock is created very fast. Is there a way to create it fast but not using rails g scaffold?

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Is this not because by the time you do the bundle install the second time all the required gems are cached locally? – Douglas F Shearer Apr 14 '11 at 12:20

Douglas is correct, this is because bundle install is doing a round trip to to look for newer versions. If you want to just use the local versions...

bundle install --local

But - why are you generating your Gemfile.lock so often that this is an issue? Your Gemfile.lock should be under version control, ie. part of your project, and so should only change occasionally.

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Try to change https to http in the Gemfile and see if this increases its speed.

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