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PDOStatement::bindParam supports the following variables in prepared statements:

  • i = integer
  • d = double
  • s = string
  • b = blob

I know that if it i the value should be a number, if it s then it is a string, what are blob and double?

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"Double" is a float with double precision. "blob" is a "Binary Large OBject" (for example a file).

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integer :0 , -10, 20, 50 (ahem, a integer)

double :0.5, -20.5 (aka decimal number)

string :"some text","b" (but it is limited to aprox. 65k characters 255 character for mysql 5.0 and early)

blob :binary information, it is unlimited , it can be a string or a binary representation.

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I find questions like this irritating/lazy

It's all described in MySQL's manual:



An overview of all the different datatypes is given here: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/en/data-types.html

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