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Hi there folks

I've been looking at how to implement and use Java PriorityQueue.
The queue I need has to be able to compare priority of two different type of objects.
I found and read this PriorityQueue article, but there is no mention if it's possible to compare two different type of objects.

Do you know if it's possible?


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Since Object is the most general class and is superclass of everything, you may implement your own Comparator <Object>, declare your queue as PriorityQueue <Object> and pass your comparator to queue's constructor.

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Okay, so I could then just have my two different classes implement codeComparator<Object>code. and use something like codecompare(Object o1, Object o2)code and then my implementation of the compare function. –  Gunnlaugur Apr 14 '11 at 12:56
If you use your own Comparator <Object>, that will compare objects by it's own rules, then your classes may or may not implement Comparatable <Object> - for queue, that has no difference, comparation will totally be delivered to your brand new comparator. –  Frozen Spider Apr 14 '11 at 13:01
Sorry, but I'm not sure I totally understand your answer. –  Gunnlaugur Apr 14 '11 at 14:31
If you will create a PriorityQueue via new PriorityQueue(int, Comparator), then comparison will be done by your Comparator, that you've passed to a queue constructor, and queue will not worry about object type - as long, as you Comparator is able to handle it. But if you will use other PriorityQueue constructor, which doesn't requires a Comparator, then elements will be sorted according to their natural ordering - via compareTo method in the Comparable interface. In this case, they MUST implement Comparable, or your queue will throw a ClassCastException upon add. –  Frozen Spider Apr 15 '11 at 5:47

According to Java 1.6's API, you can provide a Comparator to the PriorityQueue constructor. Also, you can let the queue objects' classes implement the Comparable interface, which defines a compareTo method that is invoked to compare the objects.

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