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hello I want to round an amount in javascript but unable to do and totally stuck. My scenario is, I have a base amount and marukup % on base. On the basis of these two I want to calculate total amount. I have calculated the amount but i want to round the result. I have used following formula


This formula always give me result without decimal point. I want to get exact amount upto two decimal points. I have used math.round like this


but it always return result without decimal point. For example my base value is 121 and markup is 5%. The amount should be 127.05 . But above formula always returns 127. Any guidelines?

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Don't know what you are doing, but 121+((121/100)*5) gives me 127.05. Math.round always rounds to the nearest integer, which, as far as I understood, you don't want. – Felix Kling Apr 14 '11 at 12:41
@Flex Kling Thanks but I want to round the answer upto 2 decimals.. How can I do that? – Awais Qarni Apr 14 '11 at 12:51
All you ever wanted to know about rounding in javascript and formatting as money: – RobG Apr 14 '11 at 13:25
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The toFixed(n) function rounds the Number to n decimals, there is no need to use Math.round at all. Try:

total = function (base, markup) { return (base + (base * markup / 100)); }; 
amount = total(121,5).toFixed(2);

Note that amount will be typeof String and not Number.

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I'm pretty sure math.round returns an integer. Even if you round it then, it'll just be 127.00 anyway.

Here's the correct solution(but it isn't easy):
Do not use non-integer values for money!
It doesn't work.

Use an integer in cents. That is, instead of 127, keep 12700 in your app.
That way all roundings should work fine.

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This should work: amout = (Math.round((base*(1+markup))*100)/100).toFixed(2)

By the way, i was using markup as 5/100...

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Sound like a integer division problem to me. I'd guess that javascript is seeing the 100 as an int.

Try this:

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