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Hard to explain with words, but here is what I quite often have in my code:

var self_reference;
self_reference = this;

$(selector).bind('event', function() {

Is there a way to write that without the need of a temporary variable (self_reference here) ?

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No, there isn't.

this is context sensitive and this will be a different object inside the callback function. Unless you copy it somewhere it will be lost.

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$(selector).bind('event', (function() {

Function.prototype.bind is an ES5 extension to function.

You could use _.bind as a cross browser alternative or use $.proxy.

$(selector).bind('event', (_.bind(function() {
}, this));

$(selector).bind('event', ($.proxy(function() {
}, this));
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You could take a look at the jQuery proxy function.


$.getJSON(url, $.proxy(function()
  // this has now got the desired context
}, this));
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call is no good - you have to pass the value in at invoke time, and if you don't copy it to a temp variable it is lost. I would assume that jQuery's proxy is just a wrapper that effectively makes a temporary variable. – Quentin Apr 14 '11 at 13:05
Good point - i'll edit – Ed . Apr 14 '11 at 13:10

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