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Warning: The question refers to the RC version of MVC.
Problem is solved in MVC 1.0

I have a page that requests some JSON from an Action on my controller and then fills a table with that data. In my JSON reponse, I'm including an anon object that contains some fields. One of those fields is a URL to another controller/action. I am setting the URL using Url.Action in my controller.

The problem is that the link that comes out is not valid (due to context I guess). For instance, the "hosting" page URL looks like this:

/Challenges/Detail/4/HEADLINE which is {controller}/{action}/{id}/{slug}

The URL in my json request calls the Profile action on my Account Controller. The URL should be something like this:


However, it comes out as


which resolves to


I'd like to avoid hardcoding any links if at all possible. What are my options here?

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Craig Stuntz answered this yesterday but his answer disappeared. He was correct, that I needed to install the ASP.NET MVC RC Refresh

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