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I have an existing app and need to expose parts of it to the outside world, with different services for different clients.
To be precise, it is already running with one WCF service and now I need to add a second service, totally unrelated to the first one, to be consumed by a totally different client.

When I created the existing service, I added a WCF Service Project to our existing solution, and then I created a new "WCF Service" and edited that.
So, in Visual Studio, the folder layout looks like that:


We have a build script that compiles stuff and copies files, and then the published folder on IIS looks like that:


(if I recall it correctly, it only worked when the DLL was in a subfolder named "bin", hence the copying in the build script)

Now I want to add another .svc file.
I would prefer to avoid having to create a second WCF Service project...I would like to add the new service to the existing project instead.

BUT: The second service needs to have different permissions than the first one (restricted outside access, but to different clients...).
According to our admin, I have to put the second service in a second folder so we can give it different permissions.
So the deployed services would have to look like this:


But that would also mean that the other files would have to be duplicated:


I don't care about duplicating MyServiceProject.dll, but what about the Web.config?
There's only one in Visual Studio, and if I want to run the services in debug mode, I have to add both services to it.
Or can I somehow split the web.config, so that it works in Visual Studio (when both services are in the same folder) and deployed on IIS (where each service has its own folder)?

Any idea how to solve this?
Or am I doing something completely wrong? This WCF stuff is all new to me, and everything I did so far was hacked together with help from Google...

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When you say give it different permissions, what you mean exactly? You want to authorize different roles for each service? –  BrandonZeider Apr 14 '11 at 13:40
No, more on the firewall/IP level. To clarify: Our company webpage (made in PHP by an external web shop) has to access some data from our main app. So there's one existing WCF service, with restricted access only from the IP of our web page. And now I need a second WCF service, with different restricted access for a different client, but I would like to put in the same WCF Service project. –  Christian Specht Apr 14 '11 at 14:06

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You can use this article - ASP.NET Configuration File Hierarchy and Inheritance

to set your web.config hierarchy in IIS. Put the two services in a sub-directory to the same root application that will contain the shared web.config.

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