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I need to reduce the size of JAR file in my project which is 9.17MB,I have already reduced it to 6.31MB by removing all the logger statements and dead code.I also have checked each JAR file individually by removing it and compiling it.With which I have removed upto 6 files.

Now I want to reduce the size of JAR file upto 2 to 3 MB, and I have decided to use the tool JBoss Tattletale,

Has anybody used it before? and If yes then please provide me the steps to install and run it. BTW I have already downloaded that tool from website.

thanks in advance, Yogesh Kulkarni

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JBoss Tattletale is a very light tool and easy to use. See:

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First you need to download the tool from the website. Or you can go directly to their sourceforge project location and download the latest version.

After you have downloaded it and unpacked, run from the terminal:

$ java -Xmx512m -jar tattletale.jar ~/Java/workspaces/mycoolprojects/projectX output-projectx

assuming that the location to you project is ~/Java/workspaces/mycoolprojects/projectX, and that you want the generated report to be stored in folder called output-projectx

Best, Nikola

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