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I noticed that commit messages that contain German Umlaute are not displayed correctly when I run git log in Git Bash on Windows. Those commits were made on Ubuntu using the Terminal. Normally, commit messages are written in English but when it comes to names there is no way around, e.g. Added library by Simon Jünker. I guess it can also be Git Bash which cannot handle the character encoding. But maybe there is a setting to force utf-8 encoding for writing and displaying text in any module (Git Gui, Git k) of Git.

What is your multi-platform character encoding setup for Git? Please, make sure to include the configuration for both platforms in your answer. You can also add MacOS.

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there is no way around is only half-correct: Simon would surely also be happy if his name was written Simon Juenker... –  eckes Apr 14 '11 at 18:22

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On Mac OS X things should work fine with the built-in terminal as long as you have the encoding set in Preferences > Settings > Advanced and you’ve selected “Set locale environment variables on startup.” (These are the defaults.)

Apparently MSysGit on Windows doesn’t support UTF-8, but if you pipe git command output through a copy of less from cygwin things will work. There’s some useful info in the msysgit Google Group.

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