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I want to build a common component that can be called from any deployed application. But I do not know how to do this? Is there a pattern for this?

For example,

If I deploy webservice #1, I want it to call a common application that is also deployed on the server. Then I add a new webservice #2, I also want this one to call the common application.

How can I do this? Any Ideas? Thanks

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You may deploy your shared component as a librarie as mentioned. In this case the other application would need to declare a dependence on this libraries in weblogic.xml . You can find detailed information on this at:

To use shared libraries you will need to understand classloading so this document will help you understand weblogic classloading and how you can share libraries when using weblogic:

Another option is using a Service approach, you can do this using EJBs or WebServices. EJBs are better for sharing services inside your corporation while WebServices are best suited for internet.

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Way 1: deploy the common component as a library. This is a vendor-specific way, but it works.

Way 2: drop common component into a classpath of the managed server(s).

Way 3: call common component via remote call, i.e. WS/SOAP.

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