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I have some X number of blogs setup in the Wordpress MU . I need to install themes for each of the blogs.

How do I install themes for them? If I install in the main directory will it work for all the blogs or I need to install for each of the blogs separately as we do in the traditional Wordpress.

Please let me know for plugins as well.

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How is this a programming question? –  Paul Tomblin Feb 19 '09 at 18:03
I think Blog programming is a million dollar industry. So please allow somebody to give their 2 cents. :) –  user46795 Mar 6 '09 at 14:16
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Place them in the wp-content/themes directory. You then need to enable them in the admin control panel, via Site Admin > Themes. This allows any blog in the system to use them.

Plugins placed in wp-content/mu-plugins are automatically enabled for all blogs in the system. They cannot be turned off by the users.

Plugins placed in wp-content/plugins can be enabled on a per-blog basis if you allow the user to do so in Site Admin > Options > Menus.

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