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How to? what components do i need to have(platform builder?) ?

Please be as clear as possible - I find that this subject is very hazy and most people just give you a very vague answer.

I am running WInCE 5.0 with CF .net 2.0

Ultimately I need to create a self-updating application but I am going to start with creating a cab installer package.

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You can create a cab file using the appropriate project type in Visual Studio. In Visual Studio 2005 select "Other Project Types", "Set up and deployment", "Smart device CAB project".

In a CAB file you can include executable and resource files. You can instruct where these files should be copied to. You can also add registry keys.

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does a cab include dlls and exe? –  sarsnake Feb 19 '09 at 18:12
ok, great! One more question: is it platform dependent? i don't have Platform Builder at the moment. –  sarsnake Feb 19 '09 at 18:29
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This link actually helped me as well http://www.mobilepractices.com/2008/02/how-to-create-windows-mobile-smart.html

great walkthrough on how to create cab files in Visual Studio 2008

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You can also checkout commercial softwares like Mobile Packager http://www.mobilepackager.com

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