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When working with Database-First approach, the wizard asks for whether or not it should include foreign-key properties. That is: Whether or not, beside the navigation-properties, it should include also the integer foreign-key properties for the same columns.

When using Model-First approach, when I create an association from EntityA to EntityB, it automatically creates an EntityB_id field on EntityA table. Now I want to map a property of EntityA class to EntityB_id just like the situation I mentioned on the first paragraph.

When I do this in the Mapping Details window I get this compile time error:

Error 1 Error 3007: Problem in mapping fragments starting at lines 140, 157:Column(s) [Cliente_Id] are being mapped in both fragments to different conceptual side properties. D:\Projetos\70-516\Entity Framework\Model.edmx 158 5 Entity Framework

How do I do that?

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@Ladislav Mrnka: Thank you. Yes it's a duplicate and I could solve my problem now thanks to your answer. – andrerpena Apr 14 '11 at 17:25

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