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I'm experienced with Windows development, GNU, and C++, but I'm new to Eclipse. I'm trying to add Boost to my Eclipse project which is building on Windows (but for an embedded processor) with the GNU toolchain.

I have added Boost here: C:\altera\10.1\quartus\bin\cygwin\usr\include\boost_1_46_1

I have added that directory to my Eclipse include path (project Properties | C/C++ General | Paths and Symbols | Includes | GNU C++), where I see C:\altera\10.1\quartus\bin\cygwin\usr\include shows up as a built-in directory.

I can browse these directories and files under the Eclipse Project Explorer and open them up from the Outline. Yet, when I include them it doesn't work.

My code contains this:

#include <boost/property_tree/ptree.hpp>
#include <boost/property_tree/xml_parser.hpp>

The Eclipse generated build string looks like this (note the lack of the two directories mentioned above):

nios2-elf-gcc -xc++ -MP -MMD -c -I../NiosIITestSpin_bsp/UCOSII/inc -I../NiosIITestSpin_bsp/HAL/inc -I../NiosIITestSpin_bsp -I../NiosIITestSpin_bsp/drivers/inc  -DSYSTEM_BUS_WIDTH=32 -pipe -D__hal__ -DALT_NO_INSTRUCTION_EMULATION -D__ucosii__      -O0 -g -Wall   -EL -mhw-div -mcustom-fpu-cfg=60-1 -mhw-mul -mhw-mulx  -o obj/Test.o Test.cpp

Test.cpp:12:41: warning: boost/property_tree/ptree.hpp: No such file or directory
Test.cpp:13:46: warning: boost/property_tree/xml_parser.hpp: No such file or directory

I clean, regen makefiles, and rebuild, but I can't get the compiler to see this new include directory.

If I change the code to include the full path, it gets a step further in that it can open those files, but it still can't open Boost files that they include.

I have googled and searched StackOverflow and Eclipse to no avail. There are lots of similar problems, but nothing that is quite the same or has worked for me.

Any ideas?

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Try it like this:

#include "boost/property_tree/ptree.hpp"
#include "boost/property_tree/xml_parser.hpp"

#include <> and #include "" are handled differently. The first one means a "system" include path while the second one is for a "user" include path.

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Right. I had tried that with the same result. In any case, it would only get a small step further in that the files included within these files also use <>, not "". – metal Apr 15 '11 at 13:43

I had the same problem and jumped through the same hoops (even tried the "" instead of the <>). The solution turned out to be really kind of silly. It is a windows machine; remember that they handle file paths differently.

From the original post:


Change the slash direction so that it reads:


(Edit the include path; under project Properties | C/C++ General | Paths and Symbols | Includes | GNU C++)

This solved the problem for me.

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