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I'm not creating a plug-in, just using the application.

I want the right click pop-up menu in the PHP Explorer pane to have 'Javascript Source File' as one of its default 'New' options (along with the usual Task, PHP File, Folder, etc.)

I realise I can get to it by going into the New...Other... option and selecting from the tree-view but as I write a lot of Javascript it would be useful to have it in the immediate list.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance.

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You're able to customize IDE. Select menu Window->Customize Perspective, move 'Menu Visibility' tab, expand 'File' and 'New', check 'JavaScript Source File'.

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Brilliant! That's exactly what I was looking for - thank you very much :-) – RichardAtHome Apr 19 '11 at 6:16

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