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I have two reports that are setup with the same page dimensions- A4 portrait, with page margins of 1cm.

When I run the reports seperately and print them they both come out as expected: fitting into the width constraint of the page.

However, when I include one report as a subreport in the other and then run and print the "master" report I start to experience problems. Even though both reports appear I get extra blank pages appearing every other page in the output.

I'm sure I'm missing a simple trick - probably with the page sizes of the two reports but I can't figure it out - any pointers?

I don't mind changing the setup of the subreport as it will never be run as a seperate eport in the wild, I only included that step to prove that it did indeed fit within the page!

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One thing that might help is to set your right margin to 0 in your master report. I've noticed this myself with a subreport that appears correctly in a master report, and adding it as a subreport in another master causes it to insert extra page breaks. I agree with TheTXI, its very frustrating, I wish they had a debug/inspection mode like firebug does for web pages.

Edit: Also you should check your fields to make sure they aren't set to expand automatically (unintended). Right click, properties, set .CanGrow = False

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There is probably an overhang somewhere with your page size or margins that is causing it to spill over into blank pages. They can be infuriating to find sometimes.

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Even though the two reports (both the master and sub) will print correctly when run individually? Should the page size of the sub report be smaller than, or the same as the master report? Thanks – Anonymous Feb 19 '09 at 19:06
What we'll usually do is something like this: subreport: page size = body size = body size of master report no margins master: page size = _____ margins = ____ body size = page size - margins – Dan Sydner Feb 20 '09 at 14:59

See page 12 of this document (.doc download).

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Might be worth mentioning that it is a word document... a very good one though. – Dan Sydner Feb 20 '09 at 14:53
wink...*(.doc download)* wink.wink. – MarlonRibunal Feb 21 '09 at 0:17

Try setting the report's ConsumeContainerWhitespace property to true for all report acting in master report!

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