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Say I have the following script to handle options:

while getopts dsf opts 2>/dev/null
    case $opts in
    d) echo "d";;
    s) echo "s";;
    \?) echo "Error: An invalid option [?] was entered.";
        exit 1;;

I want to replace the [?] with the invalid switch I entered. So if I enter

./myscript -z //output: Error: An invalid option [-z] was entered.

How would I catch that invalid switch? Using my $opts variable displays a question mark.

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From help getopts:

getopts reports errors in one of two ways.  If the first character
of OPTSTRING is a colon, getopts uses silent error reporting.  In
this mode, no error messages are printed.  If an invalid option is
seen, getopts places the option character found into OPTARG.
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man, info , help are always a good place to start before asking a question :) –  mathk Apr 14 '11 at 18:41

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