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How long does windows wait before deciding a window is unresponsive and brings up the the unresponsive chrome? Just from anecodotal experience, I assume it is different in XP and Vista, as they are handled very differently by the DWM in Vista and the Explorer shell in XP.

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Taken from Windows Error Reporting at MSDN

An application is considered unresponsive (or hung) if it does not respond to Windows messages for five seconds and the user is trying to interact with the application.

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+1 Good job Zuu :) –  Sandeep Datta Feb 19 '09 at 19:21

I vaguely remember reading about a 5 second wait after the application has stopped fetching messages from the message queue before windows labels the app as unresponsive. I will try to post a link if I ever find that article again :)

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It is based more on the number of outstanding items in the message queue than a time interval.

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