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Normally when I use jquery to build a simple app to show data, I would simply change some global variables depending on certain actions and then when I was ready to retrieve data from the server, I'd pass those vars along to the server.

What is a good way to do this in backbone.js? Does my view handle that? I have this view so far:

var ListView = Backbone.View.extend({
    initialize: function() {

    render: function() {

    template = _.template("\
    <% _(collection).each(function(model){%>\
    <%}); %>\

        var context = {collection: this.collection.toJSON()};

Basically in my controller I create a users collection and then I use users.fetch() and then pass the users collection to a new ListView object. The initialize function automatically renders (is this bad practice?) I know there's events in backbone.js, and I'm guessing that's where this needs to end up. How do I handle sorting by certain fields or searching for certain text in certain fields or choosing how many results come back (i.e. 10 per page), etc.?

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You can use set the comparator like this:


var Chapter  = Backbone.Model;
var chapters = new Backbone.Collection;

chapters.comparator = function(chapter) {
  return chapter.get("page");

chapters.add(new Chapter({page: 9, title: "The End"}));
chapters.add(new Chapter({page: 5, title: "The Middle"}));
chapters.add(new Chapter({page: 1, title: "The Beginning"}));


you can use Collection.sort()


or you can use Underscore methods and manually reset the collection http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/#Collection-Underscore-Methods


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Since backbone.js uses a RESTfull Api it's not so easy. You would have to override the Backbone.sync READ method to construct your own URL call: How to override Backbone.sync?

This might help you as well: REST API Best practices: Where to put parameters?

I would render then, when you have gotten back the data you need. Initialize will be called on var listview = new ListView(), and if you don't have the data bootstrapped - probably nothing will happen.

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