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I'm trying to replicate this SQL query

SELECT     COUNT(1) AS Records, MONTH(date) AS Month, YEAR(date) AS YEAR
FROM         tblBlogEntries
GROUP BY MONTH(date), YEAR(date)
ORDER BY year DESC, month DESC

Into LINQ, I've gotten as far as this:

var q = from Rec in db.tblBlogEntries
        group Rec by new { Rec.date.Value.Year, Rec.date.Value.Month } into G
        select new {
            Month = G.Key.Month,
            Year = G.Key.Year

But I'm still new to LINQ and am a little lost. Thanks for any help!

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Try this instead:

var query = from rec in db.tblBlogEntries 
            group rec by new { rec.date.Value.Month,
                               rec.date.Value.Year } into g
            orderby g.Key.Year descending, g.Key.Month descending
            select new {
                Count = g.Count(),
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Works a charm thanks Jon! I'm slowly getting the hand of Linq now, starting to really love it! –  Tom Gullen Apr 14 '11 at 17:47
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