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The Developer Tools in IE 8 (and 9) allow switching Document and Browser Modes to previous versions. Is that possible with Firefox 4?

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No it is not possible. It is possible to change the User-Agent string using the Add-on User Agent Switcher, but it does not change the behavior of the Javascript engine.

Having two Firefox versions installed at a time is possible. Just choose a different installation folder. When running Firefox, use different profiles and pass the --no-remote option to prevent a new window being opened with the active Firefox application.

For example, you can create the profile "firefox36" and "firefox4" and run these using:

"%ProgramFiles%\Firefox 4\firefox.exe" --no-remote -P firefox4
"%ProgramFiles%\Firefox 3.6\firefox.exe" --no-remote -P firefox36
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On OSX you can have multiple versions installed, just make sure each has a different name (e.g. Firefox, etc). User profiles will conflict, which is only a pain if FF is your day to day browser. In that case, try MultiFirefox: – Jon Hadley Jun 27 '11 at 10:55

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