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I have a list of more than 37K items, and I already implemented hashCode(), equals(), so I wonder Collections.binarySearch() can help improve the performance and faster than indexOf() method.

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If your collection is sorted, binarySearch() will be O(log n) as opposed to indexOf()'s O(n) and you will definitely see an improvement.

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You'll get even better performance by using a HashSet. That will take more space, though.

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in order for binarySearch() to work, your list must be sorted. equals() and hashCode() have nothing to do with sorting. your objects need to be Comparable, or you must have a relevant Comparator. either way, you must sort the List first.

and yes, assuming the list is sorted, then you will probably get better performance from binarySearch() as compared to indexOf().

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Actually, my items also are Comparable. –  Truong Ha Apr 14 '11 at 17:58

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