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I have HTML pages that contain <a> tags with hrefs that point to PDF files. My Apache Web server serves them just fine, but the title, as shown in the Browser history, is of the file name. I would like to be able to set that title.

Perhaps there's a Header than can be set?

I don't want to write a script to serve the files as the server can handle Content-Encoding negotiation (e.g., for gzip), and do flow control, none of such do I want to re-create.

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I suspect the issue you are having is that the client browser is storing the file name in the history, which you cannot fix.

Last I checked, the title in the history came from the setting of the HTML page (not a header), so there should be no HTTP header field for the title.

I am no HTTP expert and do not know all the fields, but I do not remember there being a setting in any server that I have ever worked with to set the page's title (just the status code, protocol, etc.)

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Right -- the name in the History would be the page title. But the link that's being GET'd is for a static asset (a PDF file), not an HTML file, so there's no way to set a TITLE tag in the (non-existent) Head section. Actually - Safari (which I use) shows in the history "(no title)". –  Zhami Apr 14 '11 at 23:47
As I said, the title in the History is the <title> child of the HTML head section. From looking at the HTTP headers, there is no way to set the title of a page. If you want to have a PDF title to show up the in history, you would need a browser that can look into a PDF and render its title. –  Konstantin Naryshkin Apr 16 '11 at 13:47

Here is an http header you can set.

Content-Disposition:inline; filename="*File name you want*";
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