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Heya so I have a little music player off to the side of my site, it can be turned on and off, and it is currently in an <iframe>. The only problem is when I click on my nav it refreshes the entire site including the iframe. Is it possible to have my nav, login, logout and other things that change the url in Django to not reload the iframe so it can be playing no matter what the user does?

I know it is somehow possible with ajax but I really would like to know if this solution is at all possible.

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It is not possible to make an iframe persist inside a document when the page reloads. You could consider making a pop up music player that opens a new small window which loads the same content as your iframe does now.

Like you say, it is possible to do everything with ajax, but you will have to build your site around that concept and it will add a lot of complexity.

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You might consider using the hashsignal approach to avoid reloading the page: https://github.com/dgouldin/django-hashsignal

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