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I want to display jqgrid from datatable. datatable do not have predefined column set. so i want dynamically define columns for jqgrid.

I read below links, but i am pretty new to so not able to understand the whole thing: 1. url=someurl/getdata" what is getdata, is the method i need to define in .aspx.cs 2. looks like getdata should contain column list in json format, how do i generate column list in json format from datatable retrieved on .aspx.cs page?

How can jqGrid be used when the number of columns is dynamic (i.e. determined by the data set)?

jqGrid and dynamic column binding

it would be great if someone can provided complete working example with every step explained.

i know my questions are too basic, but if someone can help that would be great.. plz

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Just to add more details: I got open source code to convert DataTable to JSON, but it seems that: If i use the way specified in the link to display datatable as JQGrid, it will be missing its toolbar. Also I wanted to use group/subGoup feature of jqgrid, which i think will be unavailable if i user jqgrid with dynamic colmodel.... – harish Apr 15 '11 at 6:43

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