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How can I sort a List by order of case e.g.

  • smtp:user@domain.com
  • smtp:user@otherdomain.com
  • SMTP:user@anotherdomain.com

I would like to sort so that the upper case record is first in the list e.g SMTP:user@anotherdomain.com.

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You can use StringComparer.Ordinal to get a case sensitive sorting:

        List<string> l = new List<string>();

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That is great, thanks a lot. –  hiney Feb 19 '09 at 20:24

I was writing another example while t4rzsan has answered =) I prefer t4rzsan´s answer... anyway, this is the answer I was writing.

//Like ob says, you could create your custom string comparer
public class MyStringComparer : IComparer<string>
    public int Compare(string x, string y)
        // Return -1 if string x should be before string y
        // Return  1 if string x should be after string y
        // Return  0 if string x is the same string as y

Example of using your own string comparer:

public class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        List<string> MyList = new List<string>();


        MyList.Sort(new MyStringComparer());

        foreach (string s in MyList)

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Most language libraries have a built in sort function with a way to specify the compare function. You can customize the compare function to sort based on any criteria you want.

In your case the default sort function will probably work.

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you need to create a custom comparer class that implements IComparer

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