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As the tilt suggests, Im trying to figure out how to embed a soundcloud file, and how can i change which sound is embed easily..

I have a site that at the moment, lets users write a story then attach an image or video to it. for the video, i use vimeo and youtube. All the user does is copy and past the url for the video and then i have a php script that does the rest....

I need the same for Soundcloud...

Please Help, as this is the last hurdle i need to cross to finish my project

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On each track on SoundCloud there is a 'Share' link in the top left. Clicking it reveals a embed code which you can use to embed it on a different site. If you want you can even customize how it looks. There is some more information available on their widgets page.

You could also use a service like that would help abstract the embeding of the data for all of your objects.

Changing the tracks on the fly would have to be done using JavaScript.

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