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insert into PendingEmails (Subject,Body,ToEmail,PendingEmailStatusID)
select REPLACE( select subject from dbo.EmailTemplates where ID  = 7 ), '[CallID]'), (select Body from dbo.EmailTemplates where ID  = 7) ,contact.Email  ,5 
FROM  inserted AS i inner join Calls on i.CallID = Calls.CallId inner join Contact on calls.ContactID = Contact.ContactID
where contact.Email is not null and  contact.Email <> ''

I want to replace '[CallID]' in the subject with a value. that syntax is not working. I also tried using a variable, wont work either.

What is the best way to do that?

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insert into PendingEmails (Subject)
select REPLACE(subject, '[CallID]', @callid)
from dbo.EmailTemplates
where ID  = 7

I can't see where you are joining to the call table to get calls.callid, have you already stored it into a variable?

You can skip the variable if you have a subquery that will produce it (bracket the scalar subquery)

insert into PendingEmails (Subject)
select REPLACE(subject, '[CallID]', (select callid from calls where id=9))
from dbo.EmailTemplates
where ID = 7

Or JOIN it

insert into PendingEmails (Subject)
select REPLACE(e.subject, '[CallID]', c.callid)
from dbo.EmailTemplates e
join calls c on
where e.ID = 7
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You have some parenthesis shenanigans:

insert into PendingEmails (Subject) 
select REPLACE(( select subject from dbo.EmailTemplates where ID = 7 ), '[CallID]' , calls.callid)
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Thanks for the accept. However, I think Richard has the better answer. I'd go with that instead. –  Pete M Apr 14 '11 at 21:37
your right.. i first tried this and it works so I hit acceded, Now I tried the other one it's nicer... Thanks a lot. –  Ezi Apr 17 '11 at 16:37
INSERT INTO PendingEmails (Subject) 
SELECT REPLACE(subject, '[CallID]' , calls.callid)
    FROM dbo.EmailTemplates 
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where does calls.callid come from? –  RichardTheKiwi Apr 14 '11 at 21:18

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