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I the following code I have a UL with x3 LI's. I want the LI's to fadeIn in a sequence but am loosing scope somewhere I think. The problem is that only the last item in the sequence is run. I initially thought this was to do with a loop, so I removed all of them. Any help would be great.

Thanks is Advance.

function Sequence() {
    var sequence = [];
    var pos = 0;

    Sequence.prototype.add = function(obj) {

    Sequence.prototype.start = function() {
    }; = function() {

function fadeIn(params) { =;
    this.onComplete = params.onComplete;

    var self = this;
    var timer;
    var i = params.opacity; = function(){
        timer = setInterval(function() {
   = i / 10;

            if (i / 10 == 1) {
        }, params.fps);

var sequence = new Sequence();
var fader = document.getElementById('fader1');
var items = fader.getElementsByTagName("li");

sequence.add(new fadeIn({
    "id": "instance_0",
    "element": items[0],
    "opacity": 0,
    "fps": 80,
    "onComplete": function() {;

sequence.add(new fadeIn({
    "id": "instance_1",
    "element": items[1],
    "opacity": 0,
    "fps": 80,
    "onComplete": function() {;

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If you add four spaces to the front of every single line of code, it should format it better. – Tikhon Jelvis Apr 14 '11 at 21:17
Hey Zach, thanks for that – iancrowther Apr 14 '11 at 21:32

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Yes, this is a scope issue. The problem is in the line: = function(){

When you define a method on the prototype, you're defining the method on all instances of the fadeIn class. So each time you call the constructor, you're redefining the method with the new params in the closure.

The solution is to define the method on this (or, as you've renamed it, self), which is the new instance, rather than the class: = function(){

Working example here:

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Hi Nick, Outstanding response. Not only have I been enlightened by your explanation, I have a jsFiddle to see it in action. Thanks you very much for taking the time. – iancrowther Apr 15 '11 at 9:36

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