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I have this piece of code

<?php for ($i=0;$i<sizeof($list["tags"]); $i++) {                    
    if ($list["tags"][$i]["title"]=='list') {
        echo 'Not correct type';
    if ($list["tags"][$i]["title"]!='list') { 

    <a href="...">Text</a>

<?php } 

My problem is that when $list["tags"][$i]["title"]=='list', I get the message 'Not correct type' many times as the loop continues. How can I echo that message only once?

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You'll just have to keep track of whether you've already shown it or not:

$shown = false;
for ( $i = 0; $i < sizeof( $list['tags'] ); $i++ ) { 
    if ( $list['tags'][$i]['title'] == "list" && !$shown ) {
        echo "Not correct type";
        $shown = true;
    if ( $list['tags'][$i]['title'] != "list" ) {
        echo '<a href="...">Text</a>';

But this raises the question: why would you only want the message to show once? Wouldn't you want it to display "Not correct type" for all values of $i for which the title is not "list"?

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You are right about that, but the array is built in such a way that if the first title is 'list', then all next titles will be 'list' too. Thanx for the answer. It works great! –  Y Kal Apr 14 '11 at 21:54

You can insert break; after the echo statement to exit the loop when the condition is met. Use break n; to exit out of n layers of loops/conditionals.

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