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I am trying to implement _set_se_translator. I tried to write a function with the following signature (from my .cpp file - of course, I have a similar signature in my .h file):

 void CIntersonBScan::trans_func(unsigned int u, EXCEPTION_POINTERS* pExp)

I then pass this function as a parameter to _set_se_translator by writing the following code:


I then compile my code and get the following error message:

error C2664: '_set_se_translator': cannot convert parameter 1 from 'void(__thiscall CIntersonBScan::*)(unsigned int,EXCEPTION_POINTERS *)' to '_se_translator_function'

In the eh.h file, I found the following definition for _se_translator_function:

 typedef void (__cdecl *_se_translator_function)(unsigned int, struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS*);

I tried varying the signature of trans_func and still got the same error message. I already set the /EHa compile option. How to I create a function that would actually match the signature of _se_translator_function?

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typedef void (__cdecl *_se_translator_function)(unsigned int, struct _EXCEPTION_POINTERS*);

This must be a free function, or a static member function - it cannot be a non-static member function (because these have a hidden implicit this parameter - and cannot match _se_translator_function).

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Thanks for your help! I converted the function into a static function. I thought I tried using a free standing function, but it looks like I did something wrong. –  Jimmy W Apr 15 '11 at 18:13

It needs to be a free standing function, not a member function. That is why the types don't match.

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