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jQuery File Uploader:

I'm using the plugin above. How in jQuery can I check to see if the fileUpload has already been applied?

I get the following error now:

Uncaught FileUpload with namespace "file_upload" already assigned to this element

Is there a way to check before my function calls:



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You can add/set a class as a flag of sorts. In this case, we'll add a class called applied

//scroll through each upload item

    //Make sure class is not found
    if (!$(this).hasClass('applied')) 

        //Apply Class and Upload Plugin

Update as pointed out below by yoavmatchulsky, you could also, more easily do

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or use $('.upload:not(.applied)').fileUploadUI(...) – yoavmatchulsky Apr 14 '11 at 21:48

The jQuery File Upload plugin stores a reference to it's FileUpload handler as jQuery data object.
The error message "FileUpload with namespace "file_upload" already assigned to this element" comes from the plugin's own check for this data reference.

You can initialize the plugin the following way to prevent this error:

$('.upload').not(function () { return $(this).data('file_upload'); }).fileUploadUI({/*...*/});
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Thanks, this solved my problems. – Brice Favre Oct 24 '12 at 15:41

You can also do this

if(undefined != $('.upload').data('blueimp-fileupload') ){
    console.log( 'plugin already applied to the element' );
else console.log( 'plugin not applied to the element' );
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