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So I have a entity Notification, that has a boolean attribute readStatus to determine of a notification has been read or not. When I click a button, I want to write a JPQL that retrieve the unread notifications (readStaus=false) and set the readStatus of those unread notifications to true

Note: I dont want to write jpql to retrieve the list and manually loop through the list to set the readStatus and merge them back to the database

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Here is the solution

UPDATE Notification n SET n.readStatus = true WHERE n.readStatus = false
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List<Notification> notifications = 
    em.createQuery("select n from Notification n where n.readStatus = false")
for (Notification n : notifications) {
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I know this. I am asking I can do this with JPQL. Because you have to persist every notification object inside that for loop. So I wonder if I can do this in JPQL and avoid all the overhead –  Thang Pham Apr 14 '11 at 22:35

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