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I have a dynamic ActionScript Class that is used to send parameters to a WebService. Some of these parameters are always present, so they are public properties of the Class:

    public dynamic class WebServiceCriteria
        public var property1:int;

        public var property2:String;

        public var property3:String;

        public var property4:String;

But, I am also adding properties at runtime that can change over time:

criteria.runTimeProperty = "1";

I'm not very familiar with using dynamic classes, so I was wondering if it is possible to "remove" the new property. Let's say the next time I call the WebService I don't want that property sent - not even as a null. How can I remove it from the Class instance without creating a new instance each time?

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I believe all you'd need to do is this:

delete criteria.runTimeProperty;


delete criteria["runTimeProperty"];

Either should do the same thing.

See the delete documentation for specifics.

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Thanks. Don't know how I missed that one! –  Eric Belair Feb 19 '09 at 21:22

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