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Could anybody help with simple question. I need login/switch user in command line in 1 line; For example: login -p username ? password.

What should I write at '?' position? Because I need to login in script which don't know id system asked password...

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You could try to use

su - username

in order to switch to the user you want.

You can find more documentation about su command here

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You should probably investigate sudo.

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You can provide the password to sudo like this:

echo "p@sw0rd" | sudo -S cal -y 2011

The example above runs 'cal -y 2011' with root permissions.

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Im pretty sure you cant use login non-interactively (same for su) unless youre logging in as the already logged in user or unless the login command is invoked by root. However, if you meet either one of those requirements you would use the -f switch.

man Page: http://www.manpagez.com/man/1/login/

you could of course use ssh but it seems wrong to ssh locally... You could also use expect to script the interactive login process.

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