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If i've got a filepath that the current browsers computer can access. Is there anyway that a silverlight application can open that file?

I dont want to run out of browser if possible as well.

Thanks in advance

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AFAIK, not possible without running out of browser, and even then I think only certain filepaths are available. –  Phil Sandler Apr 15 '11 at 1:17

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In Silverlight 4 OpenFileDialog is the only option to access any place on the file system. Elevated trust, out of browser applications can access the current user folder only. However, in Silverlight 5 this type of application will be able to access anywhere on the file system.

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From new features of Silverlight 5 at: http://www.microsoft.com/silverlight/future/

Silverlight 5 extends features of the ‘Trusted Application’ model to the browser for the first time. These features, when enabled via a group policy registry key and an application certificate, mean users won’t need to leave the browser to perform complex tasks:

Host HTML content as a Web browser control within the Silverlight application. HTML pages, such as help content or e-mail, can be integrated within the application. Read and write files to the user’s My Documents folder, making it easier to find media files or create local copies of reports. Launch Microsoft Office and other desktop programs. Users can open Microsoft Outlook and create an e-mail message, or send a report to Word utilizing the power of Office. Access devices and other system capabilities by calling into application COM components. Users can access a USB security card reader or a bar-code scanner. Enjoy full keyboard support in full screen, which enables richer kiosk and media viewing applications. Call existing unmanaged code directly from within Silverlight with PInvoke.

Note that this feature is available only on the Windows platform.

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