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I have a pyramid project using the formalchemy admin interface. I added the basic ACL authentication and the pyramid_formalchemy plugin always denys even though I am authenticated.

Any thoughts on how only allow authenticated users to use the pyramid_formalchemy admin interface?

The authorization policy was add like this:

authn_policy = AuthTktAuthenticationPolicy('MYhiddenSECRET', callback=groupfinder)
authz_policy = ACLAuthorizationPolicy()

config = Configurator(

# pyramid_formalchemy's configuration
config.formalchemy_admin('admin', package='package', view='fa.jquery.pyramid.ModelView')
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pyramid_formalchemy uses the permissions 'view', 'edit', 'delete', 'new' to determine who can do what. The __acl__ is propagated down from your SQLAlchemy model object. Thus, you need to put an __acl__ on each of your model objects allowing your desired groups access to those permissions. For example, from the pyramid_formalchemy pyramidapp example project:

class Bar(Base):
    __tablename__ = 'bar'
    __acl__ = [
            (Allow, 'admin', ALL_PERMISSIONS),
            (Allow, 'bar_manager', ('view', 'new', 'edit', 'delete')),
    id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True)
    foo = Column(Unicode(255))

Of course, if you do not supply an __acl__ then it will look in the lineage of the resource tree until it hits the factory. By default, pyramid_formalchemy defines its own factory pyramid_formalchemy.resources.Models, however you can subclass this and provide an __acl__ to it, as a global for all of your models:

from pyramid_formalchemy.resources import Models

class ModelsWithACL(Models):
    """A factory to override the default security setting"""
    __acl__ = [
            (Allow, 'admin', ALL_PERMISSIONS),
            (Allow, Authenticated, 'view'),
            (Allow, 'editor', 'edit'),
            (Allow, 'manager', ('new', 'edit', 'delete')),

config.formalchemy_admin('admin', package='package', view=..., factory=ModelsWithACL)
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Great answer and great explanation. thanks! –  Conceited Code Apr 16 '11 at 3:42

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